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Nature Hike Trails in Riverside California

Nature Hike Trails in Riverside California
For the Outdoors
Now that the sun and heat are slowly creeping away, the outdoor activities you’ve been trying to do are now a bit easier. If you find yourself longing to get out into the wilderness or just become a bit more active, we could help you out with that. Whether you are just a beginner or advanced hiker, these trails will be enjoyable to spend some time in with company or for that solo time to take some stress off your shoulders. Below are a few spots around the Riverside and Jurupa area to enjoy. 
When it comes to Riverside and trails, Mount Rubidoux is definitely one for the books. This trail could be easily spotted heading East on the 60 freeway through it’s a giant white cross and American flag waving high above the mountain. The top of the mountain is also a favorite spot due to the oldest outdoor Easter sunrise service in the United States, first held in 1909, and the city’s annual 4th of July fireworks display. If you are looking for a moderate hike, this is a spot to try out where not only will you get a good workout but at the same time, get a beautiful view of the Riverside area and its neighbor cities. The 4 mile hike has multiple entrances depending on how hard of a hike you are looking for. One entrance by the newly constructed park Ryan Bonaminio Park, which is also the ideal place to park to avoid that ticket, would let you experience the full trail the mountain has to offer. If you are looking for a more extreme entrance, you could head west of the mountain and begin the hike by the parking for the Carlson Dog Park up the side of the mountain. 
If you are looking for a simple trail to go for a run or long walks, the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park Trail is one for you. Open to the public, the many criss crossed trails it supplies can keep you walking for hours and lets you personalize the path you would like to take. Known for having no shade, this is definitely not for the faint of heart on a sunny day, but it is a nice walk to enjoy some peace and quiet instead of the hustle and bustle of Riverside. Here you’ll also come across some wildlife plants as well as animals such as coyotes, rabbits, snakes, and most definitely lizards. If you are more of a biking type of person, this trail is more of an interest toward that. The many hills and flat trails are ideal for bikers trying to get a good workout in. Keep in mind, it is a shared trail with hikers that prefer to walk. 

Graffiti Waterfall


For a more unique trail to take, you could try out the Graffiti Waterfall’s trail which has both the beauty of art as well as nature. Here you’ll find yourself caught up in the world of graffiti artist risking their limbs to get their mark on these rocks, or even trying to leave their art on scraps of metal found on the floor. If you are looking to escape the city as well as keep a part of it with you, this is the hike for you. You could either choose to take a short cut and climb up the rocks to get to the waterfall, or you could continue down the dusty trail that is just as intriguing. Just be aware that the rocks can be slippery so don’t let the art distract you enough to lose your balance. 
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