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Smart Home Trends for 2018 By Celina Vazquez


Smart Home Trends for 2018 By Celina Vazquez

Homes are getting “smarter.” From greater connectivity across all technology platforms and devices to complete automation and AI, consumers are finding more and more options to utilize Smart Home devices and products than ever before. Beyond a novelty, homeowners are seeking new and innovated products to provide greater security and ease-of-use at home and on the road.

Once the purview of the wealthy, most homes now use some kind of Smart Home technology every day. In 2018, look for the following trends:

  • Products are more accessible as the average price point continues to drop.
  • Voice control is the future. From turning lights on and off to answering the door from
    your office, audible controls and access is more responsive and simpler to use.
  • Kitchens and baths are joining the fun. Manufacturers’ offer self-cleaning toilets and
    refrigerators who can read their own contents and populate a shopping list on your
    phone app.
  • Greater demands for scheduled automation. Alexa for instance offers a “wake up
    routine” which can turn on lights, heating/air conditioning, start the coffee and provide a quick news update, all with one command.
    The biggest trend change in the last year is that smart technology has gone mainstream. Watch for more products and services as consumers continue to drive innovation. 

About the Author:

Celina Vazquez is a Real Estate Agent serving the Inland Empire. She has a Broker License, GRI Designation and a CCRM Designation. As a Real Estate Agent Celina Vazquez goes the extra mile to take care of her clients. If you are looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate, call Celina Vazquez today.

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